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Click on the links below to listen to one of our most recent sermons, along with the accompanying slideshows and scripture passages.

You need to click on the arrows of the slideshows to get a sense of what slide was presented at the time. They don't automatically progress.

The scripture passages are provided in the Common English Bible, but you can also check for alternate translations through BibleGateway.com.

Date Sermon Slideshow/Video Scripture Speaker
Aug. 2, 2020 "Does it get any better?" YouTube Video Matthew 14:13-21 Pastor Will Loewen
July 26, 2020 "Out-loving the image" YouTube Video Matthew 13: 31-333, 44-52 Pastor Will Loewen
July 19, 2020 "Big crowd, big picture" YouTube Video Matthew 13: 24-30, 36-43 Pastor Will Loewen
July 12, 2020 "A Crowd of Scarecrows" YouTube Video Matthew 1-9, 18-23 Pastor Will Loewen
July 5, 2020 "A Child in a Crowded Marketplace" YouTube Video Matthew 11: 16-19, 25-30 Pastor Will Loewen
June 28, 2020 "Sweet Temptation" YouTube Video Romans 6: 12-23 Pastor Will Loewen
June 21, 2020 "Plan B Spirituality" YouTube Video Genesis 21: 8-21 Pastor Will Loewen
June 14, 2020 "Inherent or systematic" YouTube Video Romans 5: 1-8 Pastor Will Loewen
June 7, 2020 "Seeking Order in the midst of chaos" YouTube Video Genesis 1:1 -2:4a Pastor Will Loewen
May 31, 2020 "The gift of Fire" YouTube Video Acts 2: 1-21 Pastor Will Loewen
May 24, 2020 "Terrified, (loving,) and afraid" YouTube Video Luke 24: 36-49 Pastor Will Loewen
May 17, 2020 "An unknown yearning" YouTube Video Acts 17: 22-31 Pastor Will Loewen
May 10, 2020 "Reassurance and Challenge" YouTube Video John 14 Pastor Will Loewen
May 3, 2020 "Encountering, Embracing, & Embodying Christ: A Vision-Led Way of Life" YouTube Video Ephesians4: 1-7, 11-16 Tim Wiebe-Neufeld, Area Church Minister, Mennonite Church Alberta
April 26, 2020 "A detailed account, and an emotional journey" YouTube Video Luke 24: 13-25 Pastor Will Loewen
April 19, 2020 "At the edge of Creation" YouTube Video Mathew 6:25-34; Psalm 29:1-11 John Olfert, Camp Valaqua
April 12, 2020 (Easter) "God, show us your resurrection power and love" YouTube Video Pastor Will Loewen
April 5, 2020 (Palm Sunday) "God, show us how to balance celebration and grief" YouTube Video Mathew 21 Pastor Will Loewen
March 29, 2020 "God, show us your strength: The role of religion in pandemic response" YouTube Video John 11: 1-48 Pastor Will Loewen

The files accessible from this page are in mp3 format, meaning that you can play them on any mp3-compatible player and nearly any computer. The fidelity/quality of the recordings available from this website is quite low in order to keep the file size relatively small and thus easier to download from the website quickly. However, TMC keeps higher-fidelity recordings on-file at the Church. Should you wish to have access to a high-fidelity recording of a particular service, please contact the Webmaster.

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